Rabbits Section

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Rabbits Overview

The Rabbits Section of the club enables and encourages members of similar playing ability to meet other members and to play on a regular basis and also, if you choose, play in some friendly matches with other clubs in the area… and sometimes further afield when we venture out on our annual “Away Day” events or on our “On Tour” escapes.

The Rabbits is open to all men over the age of 18 with a Handicap Index of 15 or higher. Or if you are new to golf, or a returning golfer, we will help you get a starting handicap.

To join the section, simply click the “Register” option on our web-based information Hub:


There is an annual £8 “Section subscription Fee” to play with the Rabbits and includes entry to the annual “Buck Rabbit Trophy” (£5 If not entering) but those under the 15-handicap limit can still join as a Social Rabbit subscriber (this would exclude you from some Rabbits Competitions but you would be free to join us for our Roll Ups and friendly interclub matches by agreement with other clubs. The annual Social Rabbits Fee is £3.00 (non handicap qualifier)

Regular Gatherings

Our Roll Up Days take place every Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday with a 11:00 am start and Friday with a 12:00 pm start (changing to 13:00 once the lighter evenings commence). So just come along and join in the fun. If you are new to the Rabbits and want to ensure you are taken care of, please add yourself on the Tee Times allocated to the Rabbits Roll Up in BRS on the allocated days.

See the events page on the “Information Hub” for more details.

Members will decide the format on the day (Usually a fun team Stapleford) with an entrance of a £1, If you are not sure if its right for you just contact any of us listed below.

The Rabbits are a friendly bunch, welcoming and generally have a drink in the bar afterwards. After joining a couple of activities, you will quickly feel part of the Section.


The Rabbits are affiliated to the Yorkshire Rabbits Golf Association (YRGA), specifically the Harrogate Area Rabbits Golfer Association (HARGA), and the North East Rabbits Golf Association (NERGA).

2024 Matches & Competitions

In 2024 the Rabbits will play several other local clubs in a mixture of formats. We normally put out a team of 12 and play 4-ball-better-ball match play; If that’s not enough there is also the YRGA Fowler Trophy (foursomes knock-out), HARGA Spring and Autumn Festivals and the summer-long HARGA Cup.

More information on these events can be found in teesandgreens.co.uk and or the club diary.

Lastly, we have a mixed match where we are paired with the ladies from TNGC and a match with the TNGC EGGs.

“Competitive” Matches

The Hambleton Trophy between TNGC, Easingwold and Bedale, consists of three matches, each club hosting one of the events made up from a team of 10 players from each club. The final match being hosted at TNGC.
The 2023 event was generously sponsored by Nick Stafford and the Hambleton Brewery.

In recent years TNGC has performed well in the NERGA. This is an 8-match series held over weekends at different clubs across our region. The format is individual Stapleford with 7 individual scores from our 8-man team to count. This competition would suit those who work during the week and find it difficult to get away for the Roll Ups or midweek matches. If you don’t feel like competing but would like to play a particular course in these events, then put yourself forward to play as a guest. There are always a few guest places available for each game.

The “Premium Competition” is the “Buck Rabbit” Trophy which is a knock-out match-play event for individual Rabbits that runs through the spring - summer months. Look out for the sign-up.

In 2024 we will have 4 Rabbit’s Stableford Competitions, as well as the Mike Johnson Memorial Trophy, Warren Trophy and Irving Trophy.


RABBITS CAPTAIN: Simon J Cracknell 07921918872
RABBITS VICE CAPTAIN: John Brennen 07766 258866
RABBITS SECRETARY: Frank Foy 07453956767
RABBITS TREASURER: Vince Warrington, 07704 444002
NERGA SECRETARY Graham Mableson 07714 631110