The Golf Club at Thirsk - 1914

This year saw the founding of 18 golf clubs throughout Britain, including Eaglescliffe and Oakdale. In March a circular was sent out proposing a golf course at Thirsk. Negotiation for land at Worlds End had fallen through and a site for 9 holes secured near Calvis Hall.

Northallerton GC had been founded in 1910 with a 9 hole course just north of Bullamoor Road; in about 1929 they moved to Low Wiske Moor, west of the Darlington Road near the railway line but in the 1940s the course was taken over for the war effort


First Annual Meeting on 18th May (chaired by Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey)
Club Rules based on those of Scarborough GC adopted

Annual sub. set at 1 guinea for both Ladies and Gents (fewer than 100 members)

Groundsman to be engaged at £1 per week

Girls from S.Kilvington to be employed as caddies at 1 shilling (=5p) per 18 holes


Britain declares war on Germany (4th August)


The War had claimed 18 members for service; Capt. Eykyn, the first to apply for golf club membership, had been killed in action.


Rev. HPH Austen, vicar of Thirsk, appointed first Club Captain.


Thirsk GC on the Register of the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs.


First record of a men’s club match (versus Northallerton GC on 29th April). Matches versus Helmsley GC followed soon after.