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Coaching, Custom Fitting, Shop and Workshop

Here at Ross Jackson Golf, we offer the highest level of golf performance coaching. Our unique infusion of skills, will help you to reach your golfing goals. This includes: golf coaching, golf fitness, custom fitting and psychological coaching solutions. Together, we will establish the areas of your golf, that hamper your scoring potential. We will then design a customised development program, targeting the areas of improvement which will help you eradicate these faults and develop all aspects of your game.

The goals that we have for our clients are: to improve ball-striking and ball flight, increase your understanding and knowledge of the golf swing, reduce scores, achieve the objectives we set together, and ultimately increase enjoyment.


If your learning style comes in the form of one-to-one coaching or group sessions – we cover all bases. Individual coaching comes in the form of tailored sessions to suit your requirements, using state-of-the-art technology including Trackman 4. Alternatively, personalised development plans can be constructed over a time period to suit you, working towards your golfing goals.

Our philosophy is to instill you with the knowledge, confidence, and autonomy to improve and perform in all aspects of your game. Giving you the ability to understand shot shape on the course, and become self-sufficient in fixing basic flaws whilst playing.

Ben Hogan – “There are no short cuts in the pursuit of perfection”

We do not do short cuts – do not be fooled or lured in by “quick fixes” as they are not sustainable. We will teach you a systematic approach for your golf performance; one which is functional and flexible to deal with any given circumstances that you will encounter on the golf course.

We will also teach you cutting edge methods of training and analysing your golf performance on and off the golf course; no matter your age, gender or playing standard we can help you surpass your goals.


Adults - £45 per hour