Rabbits Section

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The TNGC Rabbits Section invites all men with a handicap index of 15 or higher for social golf and fun, friendly matches with other clubs in the local area

Origins of Rabbits Golf
From Yorkshire Rabbits Golf Association

• The essence of a golf club is to create a place where members can enjoy playing competitive and social golf in a private environment and to be able to play inter club events such as Team knockouts etc. Representing your club in these events usually meant that you were the lowest handicap or dare I say the best golfer. Golf Clubs like the prestige of having the best players who can win these external events.
• This of course means if you are a high handicapped golfer the chances of playing in external competitions is zero.
• This must have been a bone of contention for a Mr Kitching from Knaresborough Golf Club. In their minutes dated 22nd September 1922 proposed by Mr Kitching and seconded by Mr Broadbank " That a match be arranged with Oakdale Golf Club for Saturday next for players of 18 handicap and over"
• This is the first record we have of the beginnings of Rabbit Golf. We have no idea why the word Rabbit was used.
• Today there 6 areas: Bradford - Flamborough - Halifax & Huddersfield - Harrogate - Leeds - Wakefield - and 101 clubs make up the membership of the YRGA.
• Did Mr Kitchin have this vision of a united fraternity of golfers all with handicaps 16 and over and aged 18 upwards? Who knows; but it was an excellent idea which in its own way has created probably the largest golf club in the world and one that is still growing.

Rabbits Overview

The Rabbits Section of the club enables and encourages members of similar playing ability to meet other members and to play on a regular basis and also, if you choose, play in some friendly matches with other clubs in the area.
The Rabbits is open to all men over the age of 18 with a Handicap Index of 15 (14.5 for NERGA) or higher at the start of the summer season. If you are new to golf, or returning to golf, we will help you get a starting handicap.
There is a £3 “Section Fee” to play with the Rabbits which includes free entry into the annual Buck Rabbit event.

Regular Gatherings
There are informal Rabbits roll-ups on Wednesdays and Fridays for a 1pm tee off throughout the summer, 12am during winter. Generally, we play in threes and fours, depending on numbers; nothing too serious; everyone welcome.

There is a Rabbits WhatsApp Group which is used to organise informal activities, participation in competitions or just to find a game. Please text Keith Lewis on 07852 127274 if you would like to join this group.

The Rabbits are friendly, welcoming and generally have a drink in the bar afterwards. After joining a couple of activities, you will quickly feel part of the Section.

The Rabbits are affiliated to the Yorkshire Rabbits Golf Association (YRGA), specifically the Harrogate Area Rabbits Golfer Association (HARGA), and the North East Rabbits Golf Association (NERGA).

2022 Matches & Competitions

“Friendly” Matches:
In 2022 the Rabbits will play several other local clubs in a mixture of formats, including the 3-way Rabbits Hambleton Trophy between TNGC, Easingwold and Bedale. We normally put out a team of 12 and play 4-ball-better-ball match play; the three-way matches will be with a team of 10 playing individual Stapleford. The fixture list is on the noticeboard along with specific match-sign-up sheets which will be put-up about two weeks before each match. If you are available to play, please put your name on the list; don’t be afraid to participate. These matches are mostly played during the week and there are a few weekend matches. All matches have tee times between 12.00 and 14.00.

If that’s not enough there is also the YRGA Fowler Trophy (foursomes knock-out), HARGA Spring and Autumn Festivals and the summer-long HARGA Cup. More information on these events will be forthcoming early next year.

Lastly, we have a mixed match where we are paired with the ladies from TNGC and a match with the TNGC EGGs.

“Competitive” Matches

In recent years TNGC has performed very well in the NERGA. This is a series of weekend matches against other clubs. Format is individual Stapleford with 7 out of 8 scores to count. See NERGA/INTER Board for details.

The “Premium Competition” is the "Buck Rabbit” Trophy which is a knock-out match-play event for Rabbits that runs through the summer months. Look out for the sign-up and pay your £3 entry fee.

In 2022 we will have a “monthly” Rabbit’s stableford Competition – dates as follows, all 13.00 start-time):
Friday March 25th
Friday April 29th
Friday May 27th
Friday July 1st
Friday July 29th
Friday September 2nd

The other 2022 Rabbits Competitions dates are:

Warren Trophy – Tuesday, August 2nd (no specific start time)
Irving Trophy – Thursday, Sept 8th (no specific start time)
Mike Johnson Memorial Trophy – Friday, September 30th (12.00 start-time)


CAPTAIN: Keith Hunt; 07927 093 893; bambam663@hotmail.com
VICE CAPTAIN & NERGA Sec:  Frank Foy; 07454 956767; frank@eastrounton.co.uk

SECRETARY: Keith Lewis; 07852 127 274; keith.k.r.lewis@gmail.com
The photos:
Rabbits in Scotland - 2019
TNGC Rabbits with Bedale and Easingwold Rabbits at the kick-off of the 2019 Hambleton Cup (TNGC won the 3-way match, played at all three clubs)
Autumn at TNGC - Rabbits All Year Round!

TNGC Rabbits 2022 Diary

Friday, March 25th: Rabbits Stableford - 13.00 to 14.10

Sat, April 9th: Ripon (home) - 12.00 to 12.50
Wed, April 13th: Easter Bash –12.00 at Kirkbymoorside GC
Wed, April 20th: Catterick (home) - 14.00 to 14.50
Friday, April 29th: Rabbits Stableford - 13.00 to 14.10

Sun, May 8th: NERGA at Malton and Norton – 11.00
Sat, May 21st: Catterick (away) 13.00
Sun, May 22nd: NERGA at Rudding Park – 9.00
Friday, May 27th: Rabbits Stableford - 13.00 to 14.10

Sat, June 11th: TNGC host NERGA matches – 12.00 to 15.40
Wed, June 15th: Pike Hills (home) - 14.00 to 14.50
Thurs, June 23th: Hambleton Trophy at Bedale (host)/TNGC/Easingwold – 14.00
Sun, June 26th: NERGA at Teesside – 12.30

Friday, July 1st: Rabbits Stableford - 13.00 to 14.10
Sun, July 10th: NERGA at Wetherby – 10.30
Thurs July 14th: Masham (away) – 14.00
Sat July 16th: TNGC host INTER matches – 12.00 to 15.40
Wed July 20th: Hambleton Trophy at Easingwold (host)/Bedale/TNGC – 14.00
Wed, July 27th: Oakdale (away) - 14.00 to 14.50
Friday July 29th: Rabbits Stableford - 13.00 to 14.10
Sun, July 31st: NERGA at Kirkbymoorside – 12.00

Tue August 2nd: TNGC Warren Trophy (no specific start time)
Friday August 5th: Scarcroft (away) - 13.30
Sun August 7th: Ripon (away) – 12.00
Sat, Aug 13th: NERGA at Catterick – 09.00
Wed August 17th: Masham (home) – 14.00 to 14.50
Friday August 19th: Rabbits Captain’s Away-Day – 13.00 at Scarcroft GC
Wed August 31st: Hambleton Trophy at TNGC (host)/Easingwold/Bedale – 14.00 to 15.30

Friday Sept 2nd: Rabbits Stableford - 13.00 to 14.10
Sat, Sept 3rd: NERGA at Blackwell Grange – 12.00
Monday Sept 5th: TNGC Ladies/Rabbits Event – 13.00 to 13.50
Thurs Sept 8th: TNGC Irving Trophy (no specific start time)
Wed Sept 14th: EGGS/Rabbits Match – 12.00 to 13.00
Friday Sept 30th: Mike Johnson Trophy & Rabbits General Meeting – 12.00 to 13.50